We manufacture fast ionization chambers and low noise amplifiers for scientific and industrial X-ray applications.

Ionization Chambers

Parallel plate and gridded ionization chambers for precise X-ray intensity measurements and monitoring applications.

  • gridded ionization chambers with μs response
  • up to 3 kV HV
  • up to 3 bar (44 psi) gas pressure
  • windowless and low Z variants available


Low noise high bandwidth transimpedance amplifiers for ionization chambers, photodiodes and beam position monitors.

  • variable gain
  • variable low-pass filters
  • analog output
  • internal ADCs
  • remote control via web browser and EPICS

Our mission is always, to find the best solutions to our customer’s needs. Should our products not already be well suited for your application, we will be happy to discuss modifications or new developments to meet your requirements. Please contact us at info@ionitech.de with your inquiry.